White chocolate raspberry cheesecake, classic tiramisu, or chocolate truffle cookies, you name them and your mouth waters. They make for amazing desserts after a sumptuous meal without any doubt. But our good old ice-cream will never die. People have come up with incredible and creative dessert ideas but ice creams will always hold the favorite spot for many. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s yummy and suits almost all occasions– from backyard barbeques and birthday parties to weddings, fundraising and corporate events.

If you are organizing any event, you may be wondering how convenient an option will it be. To be honest, most people love ice cream. Speaking about convenience, you can even choose ice cream van hire in Perth, to serve you and your guests. This saves you the hassle of buying bricks and bricks of ice cream for the event.

No matter what, ice cream should be included in your event’s menu. Here’s why:

It’s Refreshing and Cooling

The cooling and refreshing effect of an ice cream cone cannot be doubted. If your main course for the event is likely to be heavy and rich, ice cream would be a great dessert to cool down the stomach. This is particular good if you are hosting the event during summer or in a warm location. It’s a sweet relief that guests seek after a heavy meal.

There’s a Huge Variety

Strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch, black forest, and fruity flavors are just a few varieties of ice creams available. There are many more. Surprisingly Mr Soft Serve ice cream van hire offer really unique, never-tried-before varieties of ice creams. As such, no guest will go disappointed because they are likely to get their favorite flavor.

It’s Relatively Cheaper

Event catering may require whopping sums of money. But ice creams can help you cut down expenses because they are relatively less expensive than other desserts. You can either choose to get it from a local store or contact Ice Cream Van Hire Company, which requires upfront payment. You are sure to plan a good dessert with ice creams without burning a hole in your pocket.

Compliments Almost Everything

The best part about ice creams is that they go with almost all type of meals. It’s often difficult to create a perfect pair of desserts and meals. But ice creams are something that suits everyone. Not only this, they can be paired perfectly with other desserts like cakes, cookies, pies and brownies. It’s therefore one of the most versatile desserts for events.

Everyone Loves It

Last but certainly not the least, the love that people around the world share for ice creams is a good reason for you to include it in your event’s menu. Nobody can abstain from taking a scoop of ice cream or an ice cream cone after a sumptuous meal. As such, it’s something that’s never going to fail. Make sure you make a careful selection of flavors in order to give you guests a different experience.

Whether it’s a wedding party, a birthday party or a corporate event, ice creams will surely make the event special for you and your guests. You can hire an ice cream van that’s going to serve your guests with an amazing collection of flavors, all for a very reasonable price.