Event Hire

(For indoor and outdoor)

Whatever your Event, we can help you with a Mr Soft Serve Ice Cream Van Hire Perth. Indoors or outdoors, we can help whatever the season or reason.

Fundraising? We can help?

Keep the children happy and earn funding for your School, Nursery, Organisation or Group. Our Ice Cream Van Hire services are for any of your Fundraising Events and earn money through our Fundraising Donation Policy.

Summer Fairs, Fun Days, Sports Days, Discos and Christmas are just a few examples of Fundraising Events where choosing a Mr Soft Serve Ice Cream Van Hire Perth van will actually make you money.

Football Tournaments

One of our most popular events are Football/Sporting Tournaments. Choose us and we can offer Cup Sponsorship or Donation to the host team.

Any Season…Any Reason

We have worked on many Events over the years so no matter what you are planning, we can help you! Below is an example of the sort of Events that we have catered for:

  • School Fetes and Fairs
  • Football Tournaments
  • Sporting Events
  • Children’s Parties
  • Anniversaries Weddings
  • Community Days
  • Promotional Work
  • Television and Media
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building Days
  • Music Events/Concerts
  • Sports Days
  • Barbecue
  • Discos
  • Shop/Store Openings
  • Shows – Town and Country
  • Office Parties
  • Fun Days
  • Beach Parties
  • Car Boot Fairs
  • Markets
  • Christmas Parties
  • Field Days


New for 2017 we now have the facility to offer Mr Soft Serve Ice Cream Perth Vans with the latest machines allowing the operation of the Ice Cream machine to serve large volumes in a short amount of time. This new facility offers fantastic added flexibility when planning an Ice Cream Van Hire for your Event.

Our professional and friendly Event Hire and Booking Team are always very happy to discuss your needs and requirements. Contact us today.

Indoor Events

Mr Soft Serve Ice Cream Perth have the facility to offer selected Ice Cream vans fitted with the latest Slushy and soft serve Ice Cream machines. It allows the operation of our vans in locations where others would be inappropriate. On-site power allows to us to operate all the machines in specialist locations such as an Indoor Event or a highly sensitive emission locations. The most important element of direct plug-in to 240 watts is the fact that it generates zero pollution and noise.

Our Donation Policy

We believe we lead the way with our excellent Fundraising Donation Policy and specialise in working closely with many Schools, Charity Organisations and Corporate Not-for-Profit Events to ensure the very best in Ice Cream Van hire. Our Ice Cream Van Hire services have contributed to many happy and successful fairs and fetes.